Live Performance: An Experience

We began playing live shows when we were fifteen years old. Our first major show at a legitimate venue (not including school assemblies/shows) was in July 2011 at The Fleece in Bristol. We managed to secure a support slot for a band named “Ramonas”, an all-girl tribute band to Ramones… (don’t ask) Nervous doesn’t even come close to describing how we were feeling before going up on stage. All dressed up in our new shirts and shoes, a packed out Fleece (300 people or so), saw four young school boys take to the stage to play an all original set , bar a cover of “What If” by Bombay Bicycle Club. Generally speaking, and from what I remember, I think we played quite well- with the exception of a few questionable harmonies from our bassist Sam and myself; but at least we tried. This gig gave us an unbelievable confidence boost, and we then began playing all around Bristol, dubiously telling venues we were eighteen (this was the age restriction for most venues)

By the time we were actually 17/18, we had built up a fairly strong repertoire of gig experience across Bristol. The Fleece, The Louisiana, The Croft, The Cooler, Colston Hall, The O2, The Thunderbolt, The Exchange and various random village halls including Nunney and Redfield. Although some of the gigs in the small quirky places weren’t necessarily beneficial in the sense of making it as a band, they did give us very good experience playing live, and this is so important for upcoming bands, your live performance will determine whether people remember you or not- you need to stand out on the night and make people want to go home and listen to your music again. Further to this, the small quirky shows are where some of the best band memories are made…

More specifically, our slot at Nunney’s  (a small village in Frome) “Saturday Night Sessions” brings vivid memories of hiding backstage after we had performed (backstage being the kitchen in the village hall), with a large group of the local Frome secondary school girls, anxiously drinking out of a two-litre Strongbow bottle. The night went on to see one of our band members getting to know a particular girl a little too well, who actually turned out to have a boyfriend- they subsequently broke up. It’s safe to say we didn’t return to Frome in any hurry.

Similarly, our show at Redfield, we unknowingly arrived with our full kit (drums, amps, etc) to an acoustic night. Long story short we left a room full of pensioners even more deaf, slightly scared and a little bit confused. We had a lot of fun though. 

The live show that stands out the most to me, was one in 2014 we played at The Louisiana, in Bristol. During the support acts the room was probably about 40% full, and worry started to kick in… where is everyone? Fortunately, by the time our set came it was all but a full house. Two highlights from the set was the big mosh pit that surfaced during one of our songs and when our cameraman on the night attempted to crowd surf through it… 

Music Genie: Bridges 

“Honest. Raw. Energetic. A unique take on alternative rock, centred around poignant lyrics and euphoric drumbeats.”  “Bridges – Amor”


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