Reflective Post:

For this assignment, I have created a blog named “Breaking Band”. Throughout my blog posts, I have aimed to give my audience an insight into the music industry of today, and how young bands, such as the band I am a part of, aim to break into success. First-hand experience and anecdotes are the main features, as well as a few more general points regarding the music industry, including a few pieces of advice following personal experience.

The overall aim was to supply content for those interested in unsigned bands/music,  and I hope some of the content will help any new bands looking to start up, or even just to guide them into the basics of the music industry. My posts are also written in a fairly informal manner, which I took inspiration from a music blog that is written by John Mostyn, his more informal approach was something I found much more accessible, and I didn’t want to make my posts too serious for my audience.

Each post also contains a “Music Genie” section, where I introduce an artist similar to ourselves, in attempt to spread talented, unsigned music. This is a feature was inspired by a popular blog named “HD Online” which has a section in which the writer features a different, largely unheard of artist each week.This section of my blog post was to fulfil the audience needs of discovering new music, and I wanted to make it related to our band, by putting forward artists that are of a similar popularity level and genre.

Famous music blog pages such as Pitchfork have established their audience through many years of producing content, and some of my target audience will certainly be the same as theirs. However, a lot of their content focuses heavily on bands that are already signed to record labels, and opinions are given from an outside perspective. My blog is unique as it is written from first hand experience in the band, and I think this is something that will appeal to many people who may be in a similar position to myself.

By containing techniques such as the inclusion of short, funny anecdotes, I aimed to keep my audience engaged throughout each post, as well as providing an entertaining factor as well- this links to the informal manner in which the whole blog was written.



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